Cooking with Clara

I have such a charming cookbook to share.

And although, the book itself isn’t “vintage”, the subject matter is.

I present to you Great Depression Cooking from….. CLARA’S KITCHEN

If you haven’t cooked with Clara Cannucciari, you have been missing out!

Clara 1

I believe this book is a product of her successful YouTube channel that her grandson created.

See her in action!  You will fall in love with her, I promise.


Sadly, Clara isn’t with us any longer, but her great recipes and Sicilian charm will be with us forever!

Wasn’t she a dish!!!

Clara 5

In between all of the great recipes on how to cook meals for less, the book is filled with stories of how she grew up during the great depression.

There are also some really funny and quirky quotes from her sprinkled throughout the book.  My favorite is “I think it’s kind of silly – all the people jogging”.  I just love her!

Clara 2

My favorite recipe which is sooo easy and sooo good is her Poorman’s Meal.

How can you go wrong with potatoes, onions, hot dogs, tomato sauce and cheese!

Love this one!!!!


Clara 4 Clara 3

This book is such a great find and I’m so happy to have it in my collection.



Antique Show – Season Ender……

The family had a busy summer/spring this year which kept me from hitting our local Antique Show as much as I would have liked.  My wallet (and hubby) is happy about this; my antique addiction is chomping at the bit, however!

I  did manage to get there on the last show of the season…..Thank Goodness!

Lots of sun. Lots of people.  Lots of fun & fabulous finds!!

And away we go……..

Look!  The original duck-face selfie. YIKES!!!duck-face-1It has a certain creepy kind of “what the heck” to it, don’t ya think?  All you young teens heed my warning.  Remove your kissie-faced selfies from your social media now.   Otherwise,  a hundred years from now your duck-faced mugshot will be plastered all over dozens of vintage cyber blogs questioning our I.Q. and  wondering how we were able to function among normal society.  Mark…My…Words….

Be still my heart!  Oh, this wonderful chair.chair-1I imagine sitting in this chair, with a cup of tea, admiring my greatness while thinking “Bow Down Before Me…..” to anyone who interrupts my Tracy-Time.    I need this chair.

Best childhood EVAH!

strawberry-sc-lunchboxmm-pencil-case Strawberry shortcake was the bomb. Taking your lunch in a Strawberry Shortcake tin lunchbox was Golden!   And if you wanted to buy lunch….how about storing your lunch money in the snazzy lunch money pocket of your Mickey Mouse pencil case.  Remember lunch money?  Remember when lunch was 50 cents and an extra milk was 10 cents?     I miss my childhood….

Oh dear….or antelope?couch-with-antelopeIt’s not a true antique show without a vintage vinyl “That 70’s Show” styled sofa with a stuffed antelope nestled on the end.  Am I right?   In all seriousness, this sofa rocks!   Every time you sit on this the Jimi Hendrix song “Foxy” should start playing in the background.

Meet George Jetson!

Remember those fabulous plastic masks that you couldn’t breathe under?   And that nifty plastic smock that was the “realistic” costume?   This one was for the rich kids.   It has a costume PONCHO!!!   Ahhhh, those were the days.

Translation:  The Biker Babe who owns a Harley?  I’ve been called worse….

And, finally…. this cute little Red Radio Flyer filled with crocheted Kewpie cuteness.kewpies-in-a-wagon You know this is going to end up being in some psychotic “dolls are eating my face” scene in the next Annabelle horror movie, right.  Looks like the three in front already have their eyes on someone….eek!  Be careful which Kewpie you buy!

That’s if for this post.  Take Care and Happy Vintage Finds!!!

I’m still here! And so are these great vintage cookbooks!!!

I’ve been unplugged for a while…working full time…raising teenagers while refraining from killing said teenagers….yadda yadda yadda.  But I’m still here! And so are some fabulous cookbooks I picked up that I thought I’d share with you.

So let’s dive in!!!!

First up is a 1969 psychedelic gem that comes to us from Cool Whip, The Well-Dressed Dessert. Ahhh, Cool Whip….you were just as great in 1969 as you are today.

Doesn’t this Contents page just scream Woodstock?!!  I feel like I need a cold bottle of Coke and a choir of hippies singing “I’d like to teach the world to sing in perfect harmony….”?   You’ll be singing this all day now…20160416_120728_resized (3)

Did you know you could make Fancy Frosting from Cool Whip????  Mmmmmm…..20160416_121120_resized (2)

Next up, we’ve got Better Homes and Gardens 1967 SALAD BOOK.   I just know this cookbook was used in a kitchen highlighted with those fabulous orange, green, and yellow Tupperware canisters!  I….just…know…it!!!20160416_121434_resized

I swear I saw this spread on an episode of the Brady Bunch.  You know this is something that was prepped by Alice in that fab 70’s kitchen that we all wanted!20160416_121904_resized

…..and this Pink Pear looks Heavenly.   It reminds me of my grandmother which makes it all the more wonderful!!  Don’t you just want to pinch its cheeks!  20160416_121741_resized

And a true 60s/70s cookbook would not be complete without some sort of gelatinous molded dish of wonderfulness.  Snowy Chicken Confetti Salad?  I really have no words….. 20160416_122313_resized

Last on my cookbook share today is Dinner on a Toothpick from 1971.  The images and tips in this little guy just crack me up!20160416_122351_resized

Oh sure….remove all the chairs so everyone has to stand uncomfortably.  With “helpful” tips like this, no wonder the cocktail party doesn’t exist anymore.   I don’t know about you guys, but if I don’t have a seat, I just want to go home!  This picture just looks mean, doesn’t it!20160416_122440_resized

If this chip/dip bowl existed, it would SO be in my hutch right now.  Is she perfect or what!!!!20160416_122638_resized

I’m not entirely sure this is how I would sell my vegetable section. Seems appropriate, however.  This looks like my son when he mysteriously gets a headache when the green beans are served!20160416_122801_resized

I hope you are enjoying the start of your spring  and are ready for all the County Fair Antique Shows to begin!

Thanks for stopping by!



Christmas Back When…..

Ahhh, the Holidays are upon us.   I love reminiscing about how Christmas was when I was kid or even when my kids were little tots who still believed.    Over the last few years, I’ve been picking up remnants from what I remembered of my Christmas past and have been able to put together a little spot for Tracy’s Vintage Christmas Corner.    Let’s take a peek in the past, shall we……..


vintage xmas 6

Who doesn’t remember grandma having those carolers made out of paper towel rolls and felt; adorned with mitten hands, hard plastic faces, and brillo pad hair.   I actually dig these…. 


vintage xmas 5

Sugar coat Snowball ornaments?  In pink?  Um, yes please!    I LOOOVED these gigantic balls of Christmas plastic when I was a kid.  Couldn’t wait to get my hands on these and hold them for as long as I could until I had to put them on the tree.  Aren’t they sexy?


vintage xmas 3

I know you can find at least one of these ornaments you had as a kid and is still buried in your ornament storage box.   I’m not putting up the snowman, however. He’s just a little too creepy…even for me.


vintage xmas 2

Remember when you learned colorful curse words from your dad after he stepped on one of those sharp light covers…..  Best Lights evah, in my opinion.   This one lonely little strand blinks 3 ways…. BOOM, take that icicle lights!


vintage xmas 1

All I can really say is “Aaaawwwwwww, is this the sweetest tree topper ever!”

And for your viewing pleasure…. Tracy’s little vintage Christmas corner.  (I told you I wasn’t going to put on that Snowman!)

Next project will be to find some of my favorite toys from Santa….anyone remember Fashion Plates, Holly Hobbie, ColorForms or Toss Across?

Merry Christmas!

vintage xmas 8

A Treasury of Great Recipes Cookalong


To celebrate the 50th Anniversary of Mary & Vincent Price’s cookbook A Treasury of Great Recipes, Silver Screen Suppers (A fab blog, btw!!!) is hosting a Cookalong.

I am lucky to have a copy of this book from 1965.  I love it!  It’s one of the most elegant vintage cookbooks I have.

Since this was my first ever cookalong, I decided to keep it simple.  And I settled on making Old-Fashioned  Bread Pudding.

20151023_153040 - Copy 20151023_153102 - Copy

It’s a rainy gloomy day here and this sounded so comforting….and what better way to celebrate Vincent & Mary than with a recipe straight from their kitchen!!!


I’ve never made nor have I ever eaten bread pudding.  I know….the horror!!!   So I was a little concerned with the soupy mixture that was before me.

When all was said and done, this was before us!


I deviated from the original recipe (Vincent, please forgive me!) and put mine in the oven for a while which gave it that wonderful lightly crisp brown sugary top. Mmmmmmmmmm

Serve this warm with some vanilla ice cream on top and Oh, how your troubles will disappear!


Follow the below links for info on the cookalong and all your Vincent Price cooking dreams!!!

Vincent Price Treasury Cookalong with Silver Screen Suppers
Cooking With Vincent Website – for details of celebratory events in the USA 
Vincent Price Legacy Tour – for details of celebratory events in the UK
Amazon Page for the 50th Edition of A Treasury of Great Recipes