Back To School….

It’s that time of year already…..

Endless supply lists, the “I must have that shirt or I’ll die” moments, and lest we forget the dreaded alarm clock that is now buried under a mountain of summer dust.

Here are some fun retro back to school ads that I just couldn’t resist sharing!

Back to School 7

How about a healthy pack of smokes to start your school year off right?  YIKES!  Nothing says RAH RAH RAH, like the football captain and his cheerleading gal coughing up a lung at half time.

Back to school 16

I’m sorry….If Jimmy loves congealed meat more than Mary, then Jimmy is going to grow up to be one of those “scholarly” dudes that wears a bright yellow vest and picks up trash on the side of the road with a stick. Honestly Mary, you can do so much better!

Back to School 12

I can only image that these kids got beat up for showing up on the first day of school wearing matching mom jeans.    “Hello world, here’s a song that we’re singin’. Come On, Get Happy!”

Back to School 6

I ALWAYS wear my Peter Pan cap when making PB&J sandwiches, don’t you?  In all seriousness, if the kids came down to find me wearing this getup while making their lunches, they would have me committed….

Back to school 10

Chubbies??!! Really??  Shame on you Lane Bryant.  The idiot that created this confidence boosting tag line is the reason spanks were invented.   You are evil and must be destroyed.

Back to School 14

aaahhhh, Woolworth’s, how I miss thee.   I would have been student of the year sportin’ that Rocket Pencil Case!!!

Happy Back to School!  I hope it’s a great year!!!!


2 thoughts on “Back To School….

  1. These are just to cute. I imagine they are around 1958 or 1959. Unfortunately I remember “Chubbies” from Lane Bryant. It was embarrassing to buy them. I feel much better now wearing “plus sizes”. (sarcasm-ha). Really though I do love that post.

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