Christmas Back When…..

Ahhh, the Holidays are upon us.   I love reminiscing about how Christmas was when I was kid or even when my kids were little tots who still believed.    Over the last few years, I’ve been picking up remnants from what I remembered of my Christmas past and have been able to put together a little spot for Tracy’s Vintage Christmas Corner.    Let’s take a peek in the past, shall we……..


vintage xmas 6

Who doesn’t remember grandma having those carolers made out of paper towel rolls and felt; adorned with mitten hands, hard plastic faces, and brillo pad hair.   I actually dig these…. 


vintage xmas 5

Sugar coat Snowball ornaments?  In pink?  Um, yes please!    I LOOOVED these gigantic balls of Christmas plastic when I was a kid.  Couldn’t wait to get my hands on these and hold them for as long as I could until I had to put them on the tree.  Aren’t they sexy?


vintage xmas 3

I know you can find at least one of these ornaments you had as a kid and is still buried in your ornament storage box.   I’m not putting up the snowman, however. He’s just a little too creepy…even for me.


vintage xmas 2

Remember when you learned colorful curse words from your dad after he stepped on one of those sharp light covers…..  Best Lights evah, in my opinion.   This one lonely little strand blinks 3 ways…. BOOM, take that icicle lights!


vintage xmas 1

All I can really say is “Aaaawwwwwww, is this the sweetest tree topper ever!”

And for your viewing pleasure…. Tracy’s little vintage Christmas corner.  (I told you I wasn’t going to put on that Snowman!)

Next project will be to find some of my favorite toys from Santa….anyone remember Fashion Plates, Holly Hobbie, ColorForms or Toss Across?

Merry Christmas!

vintage xmas 8


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