Antique Show – Season Ender……

The family had a busy summer/spring this year which kept me from hitting our local Antique Show as much as I would have liked.  My wallet (and hubby) is happy about this; my antique addiction is chomping at the bit, however!

I  did manage to get there on the last show of the season…..Thank Goodness!

Lots of sun. Lots of people.  Lots of fun & fabulous finds!!

And away we go……..

Look!  The original duck-face selfie. YIKES!!!duck-face-1It has a certain creepy kind of “what the heck” to it, don’t ya think?  All you young teens heed my warning.  Remove your kissie-faced selfies from your social media now.   Otherwise,  a hundred years from now your duck-faced mugshot will be plastered all over dozens of vintage cyber blogs questioning our I.Q. and  wondering how we were able to function among normal society.  Mark…My…Words….

Be still my heart!  Oh, this wonderful chair.chair-1I imagine sitting in this chair, with a cup of tea, admiring my greatness while thinking “Bow Down Before Me…..” to anyone who interrupts my Tracy-Time.    I need this chair.

Best childhood EVAH!

strawberry-sc-lunchboxmm-pencil-case Strawberry shortcake was the bomb. Taking your lunch in a Strawberry Shortcake tin lunchbox was Golden!   And if you wanted to buy lunch….how about storing your lunch money in the snazzy lunch money pocket of your Mickey Mouse pencil case.  Remember lunch money?  Remember when lunch was 50 cents and an extra milk was 10 cents?     I miss my childhood….

Oh dear….or antelope?couch-with-antelopeIt’s not a true antique show without a vintage vinyl “That 70’s Show” styled sofa with a stuffed antelope nestled on the end.  Am I right?   In all seriousness, this sofa rocks!   Every time you sit on this the Jimi Hendrix song “Foxy” should start playing in the background.

Meet George Jetson!

Remember those fabulous plastic masks that you couldn’t breathe under?   And that nifty plastic smock that was the “realistic” costume?   This one was for the rich kids.   It has a costume PONCHO!!!   Ahhhh, those were the days.

Translation:  The Biker Babe who owns a Harley?  I’ve been called worse….

And, finally…. this cute little Red Radio Flyer filled with crocheted Kewpie cuteness.kewpies-in-a-wagon You know this is going to end up being in some psychotic “dolls are eating my face” scene in the next Annabelle horror movie, right.  Looks like the three in front already have their eyes on someone….eek!  Be careful which Kewpie you buy!

That’s if for this post.  Take Care and Happy Vintage Finds!!!