Christmas in July

It’s Hot!   We’re setting off fireworks!   We’re eating watermelon!.  We’re swimming and sunbathing!   And some of us crazy crafters are starting our Christmas projects.

My husband’s grandmother had a Christmas Tree full of hand-made Bucilla felt ornaments.  Every time they are placed on the tree, they bring back memories of his grandmother and how awesomely crafty she was.  I LOVE them and just had to have some of my own.  Of course, my craftiness is nowhere near his grandmother’s, but I’m keeping my own.

Ornaments 2

So I started my collection with Bucilla’s “Cinderella”.   What could be better?

Ornaments 3

How we learned to do things before YouTube!  I was actually scared when I pulled this out.

Ornaments 1

Not too bad….still working on the Prince.  “Someday my Prince will be done….”

Happy Christmas in July!