Cooking with Clara

I have such a charming cookbook to share.

And although, the book itself isn’t “vintage”, the subject matter is.

I present to you Great Depression Cooking from….. CLARA’S KITCHEN

If you haven’t cooked with Clara Cannucciari, you have been missing out!

Clara 1

I believe this book is a product of her successful YouTube channel that her grandson created.

See her in action!  You will fall in love with her, I promise.


Sadly, Clara isn’t with us any longer, but her great recipes and Sicilian charm will be with us forever!

Wasn’t she a dish!!!

Clara 5

In between all of the great recipes on how to cook meals for less, the book is filled with stories of how she grew up during the great depression.

There are also some really funny and quirky quotes from her sprinkled throughout the book.  My favorite is “I think it’s kind of silly – all the people jogging”.  I just love her!

Clara 2

My favorite recipe which is sooo easy and sooo good is her Poorman’s Meal.

How can you go wrong with potatoes, onions, hot dogs, tomato sauce and cheese!

Love this one!!!!


Clara 4 Clara 3

This book is such a great find and I’m so happy to have it in my collection.



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